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Long time facilities staff retires from Dordt College

Dordt College Chapel

Earlier this year, Dordt College saw the retirement of Stan Oordt - long time director of Dordt College's physical plant.

Oordt led a department that covered facility maintenance, housekeeping, landscaping, groundskeeping, and snow removal. Over time he has seen the college utilize even more technology in their facilities management, such as HVAC and security.

We wish Stan all the best on his next journey!

"Dordt is a great place to work and being a part of the maintenance department is truly a blessing." - Stan Oordt


DDC has been proud to partner with Dordt College since 1994.

Since those early years, DDC has continued to be a supporter of schools and colleges like Dordt. Whether through service work or sponsoring scholarships, our team is proud to have a relationship with their clients like Dordt College and its employees.

The work of higher education aligns with priorities of our staff, and is such a strong component of our work. Supporting school and college facilities through building automation and service contracts helps schools achieve their goals in preparing students for the world to come.

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