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Second Annual Energy Efficiency Day October 5th #EEDay2017

Energy Efficiency Day 2017

Energy efficiency is a part of our day to day work with building automation systems. Direct Digital Control focuses on making our client's buildings more energy efficient, but a larger commitment comes on Energy Efficiency Day.

More than 175 government agencies, companies, utilities, cities, and other organizations were official supporters in 2016. This year, join DDC in efforts to save energy in homes and businesses.

How to Help:

1. Visit the website and sign up to participate.

2. Take the Lightbulb Challenge or the Office Lighting Challenge. This challenge is a pledge to replace at least one light bulb with an LED light bulb. Consumers can save $500 million annually if each US household purchased just ONE LED light bulb.

3. Share news and information about the benefits of saving energy. Saved energy means saved money, so not only are people making a commitment to the environment and earth, they're positively impacting their finances.

4. Explore the #EEDay2017 hashtag to learn more about what other companies and people are doing.

Energy Efficient LED Light Bulbs

Making a Daily Impact

Maintaining a focus on Energy Efficiency doesn't have to be a one-day commitment. Head to Energy Efficiency Day's website to learn about changes you can make in your home and life throughout the year.

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption in the United States. If you are a facility manager, reach out to DDC for a free energy audit of your current system. We've always been able to make our client's facility more efficient.

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