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Free Energy Audit

Why are we offering this for free?

Buildings are responsible for 40% of the energy consumption in the United States. Direct Digital Control (DDC) believes that it is important that we utilize this resource as wisely as we can, so that future generations can have the same opportunities that we enjoy. This is our way of paying forward.

We’ve helped customers lower their energy usage by 20 - 40%

depending on their system.

Who needs an energy audit?

We have yet to find a building that we weren’t able to help.

What do I need to do?

Just give us a call or submit the form below and we will schedule a visit.

DDC is happy to be the authority on building automation systems (BAS). We always make sure our customers are educated and armed with the information to make smart decisions for their facilities.

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Thanks! We have your information. If you have additional questions, call us at 605.575.3739

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