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Noridian Administrative Services, LLC



Direct Digital Control designed an open protocol system to provide Noridian Administrative

Services LLC. with its main building control needs and the ability to network and monitor the

remote sites from any location. Direct Digital Control provided a solution that allows for complete

building control by integrating the Talon system with quality Siemens HVAC products.


To cut down on costs and have less environmental impact, Direct Digital Control was able to

install the Talon Control System while using Noridian Administrative Services LLC’s existing network.

Managers can use the Talon System’s “anywhere access” to monitor and receive alerts via email

or any web-enabled device. This allows engineers to work efficiently and stay mobile, and provided

Noridian Administrative Services LLC. with the solution they were looking for.


Ken Roseth, Facilities Director for Noridian Administration Services LLC in Fargo, was thrilled with what Direct Digital Control could do. “This system was exactly what we needed to monitor the remote sites and be able to receive early warnings on systems interruptions and failures. With our strong computer network, the Talon System provided the right solution to our needs and is very user-friendly.”

Direct Digital Control was able to provide Noridian Administrative Services LLC. with a user-friendly, cost-effective solution to automate temperature controls even from a distance. Noridian Administrative Services LLC. can control any one of their buildings’ systems whether they are in the building or miles away. Since this project, Direct Digital Control has completed sites for Noridian Administrative Services LLC. across the country, including facilities in Phoenix, Ariz.; Salt Lake City, Utah; Denver, Colo.; Cheyenne, Wyo.; and Great Falls, Mont.

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