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Mammel Hall - University of Nebraska - Omaha



This 120,000-square-foot building, home for the College of Business Administration, is the campus’s first LEED-certified building.  This LEED project promoted a whole-building approach to sustainability. The latest technology helps make this building so efficient.


Direct Digital Control monitors occupancy sensors to see if a space is being used. The system will only bring in outside ventilation air when people are in that particular space. Reducing the amount of ventilation air that needs to be heated in the winter and cooled during the summer increases efficiency and decreases energy costs.


They also put carbon dioxide sensors in rooms where occupancy varied so that the room was only ventilated as needed. For example, if the 196-seat auditorium only had a small group of students using it, the room ventilation rate would be adjusted to accommodate only the small group, not the entire auditorium. This helps balance the room for comfort, and improves energy efficiency.



At Mammel Hall, technological innovation and efficiency means a better environment for students, faculty and staff.


To see what technological innovation can do for your control systems, call 605.575.3739.

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